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Why hire Lemon or Lime ?

We take all bar trash at end of night 

We card any guest that looks under 21

We are all certified TIP bartenders

No shots allowed at weddings

We bring the coolers, the ice, the garnish,

 the bartenders & all the liquid to make it a fun  & safe time.


How long is required for set-up and clean-up?

Typically, we suggest 2 hrs for set-up and 1 hr for clean-up. 

Each event is different however, and we will determine this when reviewing your event.

Mobile Bar Service
Mobile Bar Service

How many bartenders will I need?

1 bartender per 50 guests

All orders are assumed to be for private parties only, with a defined guest list where guest are not charged for attendance

What All do you bring to the event?
Ice Tubs, Ice Scoops, Coolers and Ice, Beverage Napkins, Straws, Wrapped Trash Cans and Liners, Bar Mats, Bar Equipment, Floor Mats, Tray Stands, Trays, and Standard Plasticware

{ Upgraded Plasticware available at an additional charge }

Linens & Tables are not provided 


Lemon or Lime reserve the right to refuse service to any guest to insure their safety. Lemon or Lime is not responsible for any refund due to this right.


In accordance with South Carolina State Law, guest must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol. It is recommended that guests be made aware that identification is required to consume alcohol. Lemon or Lime reserves the right to both check identification and refuse to serve alcohol to underage persons, those without a valid ID or persons deemed intoxicated. Lemon or Lime strictly prohibits the consumption of shots. 

When a wedding event has a guarantee of 150 guests or more, Lemon or Lime may have a plain-clothed security guard onsite at no additional charge to the client.

We are licensed and carry general liability insurance. Our bartenders are TIPS certified to ensure all your guest have fun, but safe time.


We must have a credit card on file & your signature to reserve the date. A 50% deposit is required at the time the event is confirmed and the total balance is due two weeks prior to your event when final number is given. 


Biodegradable plastic cups & white napkins are included in all packages. 



0-25 Miles $0

25-50 Miles $150 

50-75 Miles $200

75 Miles + = Inquire

Mobile Bar Service
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